The Mess and the Mender

    November 30, 2016
    By: Tiffany Burlingame
    I was a master deflector
    My own prideful protector
    I denied the pain needed a resurrector
    So I became a neglector
    I refused to surrender to Jesus
    The only person with power to free us
    I was gripped by shame
    Until Jesus called me by name
    “Tiffany, you are a daughter of the king
    Take refuge under my wing
    I will cover you under my feathers
    My comfort will protect you from all weather”
    God embraced me damaged, banged and bruised
    And transformed my life into a story of redemption to be used
    He showed me I am more valuable than gold
    A daughter with a calling to live bold
    I attempted to piece together the glass shards of my soul
    But my Healer rushed in the moment I surrendered control
    He restored the years that were stolen by the thief
    He reminded me true freedom can be found in the following belief
    I am God’s treasured possession
    Forgiven of my transgressions
    Lavishly and immeasurably loved
    I am chosen as God’s beloved
    Now my life is marked by eternal freedom
    As I serve my King by bringing to earth His Kingdom
    How has God mended your messy places?

    PC: Ricardo Viana

    about the author
    I enjoy the simple things in life like two-steppin’ and star gazing. My hope is I leave people better than I found them. I believe the world needs more hugs. All that I’m after is a life overflowing with laughter. Avid coffee drinker. Small talk is my enemy. Let’s dig deep and live a life of wild obedience. 
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