Friday, January 6, 2012

Spiritual Promises

by Jeff Bethke

The Puritans once noted that most Christians “live far below their privileges.” One of the biggest keys to a strong and grace-filled relationship with Jesus is constantly swimming in all the privileges we have in Christ. We must remind ourselves of these truths daily before even getting out of bed.

What usually happens is within seconds of me waking up I have a ton of voices, thoughts, and lies telling me who I am. Why shouldn’t I let the Word of God tell me who I am when all these other voices are too? This is why it is no coincidence the Apostle Paul constantly uses the word “remind” in his letters:

I want to remind you brothers of the gospel I preached to you. (1 Corinthians 15:1)
Paul emphatically takes us back to the gospel and back to the blessings we have in Christ in order to push us deeper into a knowledge of His amazing grace. So, below is a list of promises that are just some of the many afforded to us if we have trusted Jesus. You don’t have to earn these truths, you don’t have to work hard to gain these truths, you simply have to receive these powerful gifts we have in Jesus. Note they are all in past or present tense.

They are already true even if you don’t acknowledge it. If you are in Christ these all apply, so rest, accept, and live in light of them.

You are loved | Ephesians 2:4
You are forgiven | 1st John 2:12
You are healed | Isaiah 53:5
You are new | 2nd Corinthians 5:17
You are secure | Hebrews 6:19-20
You are no longer under condemnation | Romans 8:1
You have the Holy Spirit | Ephesians 1:13
You have every spiritual blessing in Christ | Ephesians 1:3
You will never be abandoned | Matthew 28:20
You are partakers of the divine nature | 2nd Peter 1:4
You are pursued | 1st John 4:10
You are clean | 1st Corinthians 6:11
You are holy | Colossians 1:22
You are blameless | Ephesians 1:4
You are His | Titus 2:14
You are made in His image | Genesis 1:27
You are written on the palm of His hand | Isaiah 49:16
You are free | Galatians 5:1
You are filled with a Spirit of power, not of fear | 2nd Timothy 1:7
You have Jesus as your advocate | 1st John 2:1
You are justified | Romans 5:1
You are not on trial anymore | Colossians 2:14
You have a Father that graciously gives all things | Romans 8:32
You have Him interceding for you at all times | Romans 8:34
You are a Child of Him | 1st John 3:1
You are His bride | Ephesians 5:31-32
You are His friend | John 15:15
Your old self is buried with Him | Romans 6:3
You are raised to new life | Romans 6:4
You are dead to sin | Romans 6:7
You are in union with Jesus | Galatians 2:20
You are a member of His body | Romans 12:5
You are chosen | Ephesians 1:4
You are hidden with Christ in God | Colossians 3:3
You are a branch of Jesus | John 15:5
You have perfect access to Him at all times because of the blood | Ephesians 3:12
You are God’s poetry/workmanship | Ephesians 2:10

Maybe copy and paste these into a word document that you print out and put in a place you will see every day. Maybe commit to meditating on a few each day, marinating in its implications. Or, maybe open the Word and find the countless ones not even listed here that add to the list!

What are a few from this list that you struggle to grab hold of the most? What are some promises from the list that God has used the most in tough seasons of your life?


  1. I struggle with one not listed. You are beautiful. I look to Prov. 31:30, 1 Sam. 16:7 and Song of Solomon 4:7

  2. You have no idea how amazing this post is - it spoke to me so deeply this morning as I was reading it. Coming from a family that is full of anger & darkness (and often take it out on me), it's such a nice reminder to see that I am God's child and part of a loving Christ-centered family. Even when I feel abandoned by my own family, I know I have the body of Christ :) Such a blessing to be reminded of. Thank you :)

    1. I understand where you come from. My father is struggling with addiction, at times I feel as though I don't have a father but I sk, I have the best Father! We all do!!!

  3. Wow! Thank you brother in Christ! I have already copy/pasted it.

    I guess the one I have struggled with the most is to rest in the truth that I am loved. His love is everything, it has brought me from darkness to light, it has placed me in the Heavenly kingdom, and yet I often act like I still live my own life, that it is all about me and my own way to happiness. I fill myself with everything else than His love, pretending it will make me happy, when what I'm really doing is turning my eyes from Him and on to me and the world, broken wells.

    Almost a year ago, a friend dared me to pray this prayer: "God, show me how much you love me." Praying that means letting go and allowing Him to take control of everything, which for me seemed (still sometimes seems) very scary. But I was so caught up in darkness and I knew something had to change. The first time I prayed it, I was hardly able to even pronounce the words. So much of my life was closed to His love, and I didn't even realize that that was my problem. Now, after six about moths I can truly say that it works! My mindset is changing, the way I view life is changing, the way I view other people is changing, the way I view myself is changing.. His love is so much different than what I though it would be. His love is everything. I know that His love is more than I have seen and experienced up until now, but I am willing to take more steps out of darkness into light. I can't wait to see how He's going to show me his love next!

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! My life has been so blessed by your messages. I have truly come to a new understanding of who I am in Christ -- it has completely changed my perspective and motivated me to love and serve the Savior more.


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