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Spring Essentials

April 9, 2017

Featured Image by Jones Design Company
By Angelina Rozhko

I love Spring! Everything is budding, blooming, or in full bloom, letting out a fragrant aroma of the earth coming to life after a cold Winter. With the wintery frost melting away, the sun shining a little brighter and the temperatures rising, Spring is the perfect time to get out and make new memories! Here are six of my current Spring essentials which help me enjoy the seasonal change. 

    In a world, full of high tech cameras, iPhone, tripods, all those gadgets and gizmos a plenty, I still believe in the old fashioned instant polaroid camera. Polaroids a great way to capture a moment instantly! The fun sized pictures also make for great keep sakes!
    Call me old fashioned but I still love to write the old-fashioned way! Cute journals motivate me to write about anything and everything I want to write about. Whether it be a prayer journal, brainstorming journal, a list making journal, a dreams and goals to achieve type of journal… Journals make excellent visuals of what you write, what you remember, and are a way to go back into time and see when God answers a prays, fills a need, provides a blessing, etc. I cannot stress it enough, write, write, and write some more. You will thank yourself when you are older and want to see how far you’ve come! Also write about this current Spring season and what you experience.
    I leave you with this quote, “I must have flowers, always and always.” by Claude Monet. In all honesty, I cannot have enough flowers! The buds of color always had a touch of spring time and a smile to my face. So, buying a bouquet or two is a must!
    Okay, so by fashion I mean tutus! I had been a ballerina since the age of three, now I’m dancing for the last 2 decades and I absolutely love the fact that I can wear a delightful little frock and feel ever so elegant outside of the ballet studio! Not only do I feel elegant, I love to saunter and twirl around in my pastel colored twirl worthy numbers as often as I can!
    Long drives. Short drives. I love ‘em all! Mix in a variety of music, and you’re good to go! What’s fun about road trips is that they can be completely spontaneous and you don’t even need to have a destination in mind right away! Keep driving, keep singing, follow the road and see where you end up!
    With the sun out, its the perfect time to pull out a sun hat! I always loved the classic look of a derby hat paired beautifully with classic Ray Bans and a string of pearls. It exudes all the feels of being ultra feminine and simple at the same time. So ladies, grab your hat, fix up your dress and enjoy a beautiful Spring day in the midst of this divine season!

    Angie is a Southern California native who is a Jesus loving, brunch fanatic, coffee addict, and a tutu-wearing kind of gal. She tries to leave this generation and the world, more in awe of God than she found it by, encouraging young women through her role of the Social Media Manager for the Wonderfully Made non-profit by edifying young women through the WM social media platforms. Check out Angie and what she likes to do in her spare time on her instagram! Give her a follow!

Looking Ahead

December 28, 2015

By: Rachel Brown

Christmas has come and gone (how?!) and New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching. In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, it’s a good idea to take some time to reflect on where you have been (literally and figuratively) and where you want to go in the next year. But how do we do that, exactly? Here are some ideas.

Write – in a Journal, on a Blog, on a Post-It Note

 It doesn’t matter where or when or how you write, but putting pen to paper allows us to reflect more deeply on our lives, and it provides accountability for dreams we have for the future. It also helps to have ideas and goals written down because then we can revisit them a few weeks, months, or even years later to chart our progress. Research even shows that writing down our reflections and goals makes us more likely to make strides toward success in the future. So if you are a journaler, make a list of what you accomplished this year and what you’d like to do next year. If you’re a blogger, share your hopes and dreams for the New Year with your readers. If you’re neither, simply jot down your ideas on a Post-It note; stick it where you will frequently see it to be reminded of what you hope to achieve in 2016.

 Spend Time in Prayer

 Use your quiet time to reflect on the past year with God. Ask Him to shed light on things that have transpired that don’t make much sense yet; thank Him for the wonderful things that occurred, for the blessings that made your life bright. Sit quietly and ask Him what He wants from you in 2016. You may be surprised by the answer. Write it down (see above!) and prayerfully consider how you can put this direction into action. Revisit your questions and hopes with Him frequently; this will bring you clarity in your life and closeness in your relationship with God.

 Find Accountability Partners

Whether in the form of your small group or another community group of some kind, or perhaps just through a relationship with one friend or loved one, seek out accountability for your dreams for 2016. Ask your accountability partners to gently check in with you from time to time, withholding the desire to reprimand you if progress isn’t being made and merely reminding you that they are a presence that is following up in the hopes that you’ll succeed in your goals. Just as it is with writing your goals down, voicing your dreams makes them come alive. Inviting accountability partners into this sacred space makes your dreams come alive, too, and this act motivates you to complete them, knowing your loved ones are cheering you on.


Photo Cred: Chelsea Stellar


aboutauthorRachel  is the Director of Project Development for Touch A Life, an organization committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of children who have been exploited and trafficked in West Africa and Southeast Asia. Though she loves working in the non-profit world, Rachel has always been passionate about writing, pursuing opportunities to put pen to paper outside of her day job. Aside from writing for Darling Magazine, she maintains a personal blog, Coffee & Tacos, where she connects with others through food, travel, faith & community. Rachel lives in Dallas, TX, with her husband and their adorably large English mastiffs.

12 Days of Christmas

December 13, 2015

By: Juliandra Durkin

It’s Advent Season! Do any of you know what advent means? The definition of advent is “the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.”

Advent is a time to celebrate, reflect, and anticipate the birth of Jesus. There was no grand arrival for the Baby born in a barn, as his parents weren’t able to find a room to stay in on their travels.

There was nothing spectacular about the shepherds who came to see Him.

I imagine the cave-like atmosphere full of farm animals smelled foul.

The Baby’s arrival was humbling and raw, but still beautiful for His parents and the few people who were honored with the privilege to witness his first days on earth.

And it is beautiful for us today too! How special is it that in this day and age we get to remember and rejoice for His coming? There are many ways to observe Advent Season and we gathered ideas to celebrate where you are at with your friends and family, all in anticipation of One Baby’s birth.

It’s not too late to jump in with love and excitement in preparation for the fast approaching December 25 with our Wonderfully Made advent calendar!

December 12 Make a Christmas carol playlist.

December 13– Offer to babysit your younger siblings so your parents can relax during the holidays.

December 14– Fill a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child and send it to Samaritans Purse.

December 15 Bake cookies and deliver them to an elderly person’s home or a neighbor.

December 16Call a friend who you haven’t seen in a while and decorate gingerbread houses.

December 17Connect with a local church with a prison ministry and write Christmas letters for the men and women in prison.

December 18Set up a nativity scene.

December 19Visit Santa at the mall for a fun Christmas photo!

December 20Find someone from another culture and ask how he or she celebrates Christmas.

December 21Help a younger sibling wrap presents, or offer to help your Mom and Dad around the house as holiday time is busy, busy!

December 22Watch your favorite Christmas movie.

December 23Read the Christmas story in the Bible.

December 24Attend a Christmas Eve service.

However you choose to celebrate Christmas this season, whether you do any of the activities listed above, or you come up with your own ideas, remember Him.


about-the-authorJuliandra Durkin is the manager for Wonderfully Made’s blog Know Your Value. She also writes at Written Jewels, a personal blog with stories and reflections on life. Besides writing, she spends her free time exercising or out in nature. Give her a beach or a mountain; sunrise or sunset, she loves it all, especially walking her dogs in the woods! A graduate of Westmont College, Juliandra was able to attend three study abroad programs exploring Spain, parts of the Middle East, and Mexico. These experiences gave her a heart for culture and travel and she hopes to get more stamps in the passport soon!

How about a few of my favorite blogs?

September 25, 2012
by Anne Taylor
Every morning, I roll out of bed, make myself a little breakfast, and sit down in front of my blog reader to see what the lovely blog world has in store for me that day. I scroll through, popping over to leave comments now and again and saving the gems for my weekend reads. It is a great way to start my day. Since I am a creative professional, I need to be an active participant in the blog world to make sure that I stay up to date and informed. But that is easily just an excuse because, seriously, it’s just plain fun. Blogs can be a great way to connect with others, meet new friends, find inspiration for crafts or parties, and be challenged to try new things. 
The world of blogging grows more and more everyday, and it is really impossible to stay completely up to date on all of the best new finds. Still, I thought I’d share my current favorite blogs, created by seriously fabulous and totally inspiring lady bloggers, with all of you (and maybe you will share some of your favorites with me!)
Let’s get started!

If you have not yet met Joy Wilson, a.k.a Joy the Baker, it is seriously an honor to introduce you to her. She’s a self-taught baker who lives in Los Angeles, and her wit and love for others is the icing on the cake she will bake for you (or maybe for her cat). Earlier this year, she released her first cookbook and every page is straight up delish. Annnd she has a podcast with her friend Tracy of, called The Joy the Baker Podcast, which has on numerous occasions caused me to burst into fits of laughter in public places and then strangers look at me oddly. It’s totally worth it though. This girl is a business lady, lover of the human soul, and a maker of sweet treats. Trust me, she’ll be your bff in a week, tops.

2. Design Love Fest

For all you graphic design lovers, Design Love Fest is for you. Bri Emery is the talent behind this incredible blog, and she is a true powerhouse in her field. When it comes to blogging, it is very easy to see regurgitated content over and over as the community grows. This is never the case for Design Love Fest. Bri is always posting fabulous original content, including awesome style columns and short films (with her videographer boyfriend!). Last year, she launched an educational side to her business to help others develop their photoshop skills for blogging. Blogshop is now a worldwide phenomenon, with classes being held in Australia, Europe, and all over the United States. I often look to Design Love Fest for graphic design inspiration, and ideas on how to add some more color to my wardrobe. Bri is the queen of color!

Jen Loves Kev is one of my favorite lifestyle blogs. Weekly, Jen shares craft DIY’s, style posts, and personal updates about her family and friends. As a twenty-something, Jen has this vivacity for life and adventurous spirit that is just contagious. Whenever I read her posts, I am left with either a smile on my face or tears in my eyes, or some combination of the two. Her writing connotes emotion, but in a simple way; it’s a lot like how you might feel after you leave a great coffee date with your best friend, or after getting off the phone with your sister. Jen brings real life back to blogging (especially when a lot of blogs can be about materialism, making us feel jealous and “out of our league”) and reminds us that we have the power to control who we connect with and why. It’s a must read.