The following make up our group of dedicated regular contributors, who we are thankful to have as part of our team. You can expect to see posts from them at least once a month (if not more) on a wide range of topics relevant to the mission of Wonderfully Made: helping young women know their true value and worth so they can live outward-focused lives. If you are interested in submitting a post as a guest blogger, please visit our submissions page for more information.

Founder & Director of Wonderfully Made

A self-described "ragamuffin girl," Allie Marie Smith serves as the Founder and Executive Director of Wonderfully Made. She is a speaker and an award-winning author, having co-authored both books in the Wonderfully Made series: Healthy Eating and Abundant Living and Becoming Who You Are in Christ. She is also the developer of the Body Beautiful iPhone app for true beauty and confidence. Allie is open and honest about her encounter with severe depression—a testimony of God's faithfulness and redemption. She lives near Santa Barbara with her husband Paul where they enjoy surfing up and down the California coast. You can follow her on Twitter at @alliemariesmith.

Blog Manager & Contributor 

A fan of good music, good coffee and a good laugh, Erin just wants to love and love deeply. She is currently a graduate student at Fuller Theological Seminary, getting her masters degree in Intercultural Studies. She is most passionate about justice, the global church and her relationships. At the end of the day, Erin is just learning to live her life with an open heart and open hands, ready for whatever God may have for her. She currently resides in the beautiful Southern California beach town Dana Point with her husband Chad and their oh-so-crazy puppy Banjo. Her desire is that her writing will serve as an invitation for readers to take a deep breath, accept grace and feel permission to be themselves, knowing that they are enough just the way they are. She (tries to) blog at Say hi! She'd love to "meet" you. 


Raquel can be found in one of four places: home, church, a store or Starbucks! A total girly girl, she is a lover of shopping, fashion, heels, makeup, and chick flicks. Random fact: she collects stones, each representing a God moment in her life. Raquel has known heartache, loss, abandonment, humiliation, disordered eating, shame, and guilt, but by the same token she has been redeemed, healed, and mended. She has found purpose, accepted grace, and lives to serve her Jesus by serving His daughters. Her greatest joy is found when someone understands and accepts the truth that they are wonderfully made, wholly and dearly loved by God. Raquel blogs at A Lily Among Thorns and you can follow her on Twitter at @RodriguezRaquel


Alyssa is a God-lover who longs to dwell in His presence and know Jesus more deeply every day. She is learning to walk out each day with whispers of thankfulness, offerings of prayers and a heart that rejoices in her Ultimate Love. She currently resides in rainy, hippy, coffee-loving Tacoma with her husband where they are involved with For the King, a college ministry. She and her husband travel the world together, sharing about Christ’s awesome grace and truth. She is a lover of many things: coffee, sunshine, paddleboarding, the ocean, reading, writing, & photography. Alyssa knows the depth of heartache, longing, & identity issues. She has come to intimately know Jesus, the One who loves us with an unfailing, pursuing love. He is our Hope, Portion and the One who is worthy of everything and anything. Check out her blog at


You are loved. This is Kristie's favorite bit of truth to share. She believes life is a mixture of experiences, beautiful and painful, leading us towards a relationship with God. This God loves us deeply. Relationships aren’t easy, so Kristie loves to share insights on how to do life with others well. It’s through human relationships that God often meets us and reveals himself to us. Imperfect as we all are, God continues to believe we’re worth investing in, and this is what grace looks like. Kristie writes and speaks to women and men who want to live a life of honesty and beauty. She works to create life-giving Children’s Ministries through interior design, curriculum and consulting with churches and camps in Southern California. Kristie spends her days on either side of Malibu Canyon: living on one side, working on the other. She loves a day outdoors, some classic folk/rock, fresh fruit, deep conversations, laughter, and the way the day feels magical when the sun is just about to go down and it casts an amber glow across the sky. Kristie knows that life is a beautiful adventure and she feels deep gratitude to the one God, Jesus, who wastes nothing and makes it all beautiful in the end. Kristie blogs at and you can follow her on twitter at @kristievos.


Kristina Fertala is a recent graduate of Pepperdine University, where she studied Sports Medicine. Kristina has experienced first hand the lies and schemes of the enemy and his desire to tell us daughters of the Lord that we do not deserve to live healthy lives living freely in Him. While at Pepperdine, Kristina was involved in starting up a Wonderfully Made college chapter, and helped foster a community of Christian women who are seeking to find their value and worth in the Lord. Kristina was also involved in ministry through athletics, and was closely mentored by late athletic chaplain Maurice Hilliard. Currently, Kristina is living in Chattanooga, Tennessee as a full-time college ministry intern at The House, a college ministry for UTC students. She always desires to surround herself with wise council and has grown to be a strong woman of the Lord so that she may be able to pour out the wisdom that she has received. She has a passion for sharing with women their value in the Lord as well as their value and worth in relationships. 
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